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  • "What Is ‘CPAN,’" John Turco, Attorney at Law, Vol. 1, Issue 1, October, 1994

Bankruptcy Court Decisions

  • Published weekly except for certain months (46 issues)
    Publisher: LRP Publicatins

  • Norton Bankruptcy


  • American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review

  • Commercial Law Journal
    Publisher: Commercial Law League of America
    Frequency: Quarterly


  • Judge Lundin’s Books

Cases and Digests

  • Nebraska Bankruptcy Filing Service
    Publisher: Legal Information Services (L.I.S.)
    Frequency of Updating: monthly


Bankruptcy Court Records


Web Sites

Internet Search Tools

Here are some internet search tools that we find useful. The search tools are divided into 4 categories:

  • law-specific internet search sites
  • directories
  • search engines, and
  • parallel searching tools.

The law-specific internet search sites are sites that allow you to browse only legal information on the internet. The remaining 3 categories allow you to search any subject. The directories outline subject areas on the internet using a list approach, while the search engines search the internet using key terms. The parallel searching tools allow you to run a search on more than one search engine at a time.


Law-specific Internet Search Sites:

  • Findlaw
  • LawCrawler
  • Law Engine
  • Rominger Legal--free and fee-based links
  • Law Lists--a compilation of law-related electronic mailing lists




Search Engines:


Parallel Searching Tools:

  • SavvySearch
  • Inference Find
  • ABI World
    [Basically, this is a fee-paid service maintained by the American Bankruptcy Institute. However, there are some free information that can be gleamed from the site. Features include a newsletter "Cracking the Code," legislative news, conference information, and a store selling practice material.]
  • The Bankruptcy Lawfinder 
    [This site contains bankruptcy statutes, rules, case, bankruptcy vendor information (accountants, appraisers, auctioneers, etc.), bankruptcy software information, etc.]
  • Commercial Law League of America [This site is designed to provide resources for attorneys and collections professionals, both members and non-members of the CLLA, with the resources they need to practice in the field of credit and collections.]

Nebraska Legal Research Sites

Nebraska Legislative Information


Nebraska Attorney Information Sites


Law Journals


Law Firms

Listserv Information and Archives


Tax Information





Chapter 13 Trustee Websites


Miscellaneous Websites


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